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Trekking in NepalExplore the beautiful Himalayas

Trekking in Nepal can be the most adventurous. Nepal has a Mount Everest which is the highest peak in the world. Traveling around Nepal is a dream to many people who wish to see the mountains from the closest view. It possesses 8 out of the 10 Highest Peaks in the world. Trekking is one of the best events that invite the majority of tourists in Nepal because It has the most beautiful trekking region. Some of the adventurous and challenging trails include Annapurna and Mustang region trek, Everest and Rolwaling region trek, Langtang and Helambu region trek, Kanchenjunga region trek, Lower and upper Dolpo region trek, Ganesh Himal and Manaslu region trek, Jumla region trek, Humla Simikot, and limi valley trek, Makalu and Barun Trek. Major tourist events include wilderness and exploration activities such as Mountain biking, Bungy Jumping, rock climbing, mountain climbing, trekking, bird watching, Mountain flights, paragliding, exploring the waterways by raft, kayak or canoe, and jungle safaris, especially in the Terai region. Nepal is undoubtedly the best travel destination for those travelers who seek the walking adventures of different categories. Easy, moderate and challenging treks in every trekking region of the country are major highlights of Nepal, the nation known for Himalayan adventure. Trekking in Nepal offers the stunning scenery of the Himalayas and a chance to meet its cheerful friendly people. Nepal has some of the best treks and hiking trails in the world. Many people visit in Nepal just for trekking holiday to explore the beautiful mountains scenery. This will be the best trekking destination in the world because it has many more most beautiful trekking regions. Nepal Trek and Tours combines Himalayan views, golden temples, lakes, rivers, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world's great travel destinations. Our best practice in the Trekking Industry has won us respect and trust as a reliable and safe Trekking Agency.Trekking in Nepal, an adventure unlike any other amidst entrancing nature and its rich culture, one can visit from remote ethnic Himalayan settlements, beautiful villages, gorgeous Himalayan landscapes to breathtaking river valleys with unique terrains. Walk on coruscating trails that pass through beautiful alpine forests and open pastureland.

Trekking in Nepal

Annapurna and Mustang

Annapurna and Mustang is the beautiful place to find the solace of being away from the everyday hectic life. This place gives is a joy giver. Upon reaching the different parts of this region you will find yourself happy and smiling a

Everest & Rolwaling

Everest and Rolwaling region of Nepal has remained the most appealing place for trekking in Nepal till date. It might probably be the charm of world highest mountain – Mt. Everest! But the grandeur of all other mighty mountains rising tall dominating

Langtang & Helambu

Lantang and Helambu region Trek can be an ideal trekking destination to any travel and nature lover as it is spectacular, accessible, adventurous and possess every form of natural beauty. Lying close to Kathmandu valley, it is accessible by bus and in


Trekking in the Kanchenjunga region is the remote and less crowded destination in the eastern part of Nepal. Kanchenjunga trek extends through and around Arun River whose origin dates back to the primeval period and offers an infinite variety of landscapes, cultures

Lower & Upper Dolpa

Lower and upper Dolpo is magnificent yet less explored regions of Nepal. Its isolation has helped it preserve its natural beauty, culture, and customs intact in its own original attire. Dolpo region is often considered as natural paradise owing to its brilliant

Ganesh Himal and Manaslu

Journey to Ganesh Himal and Manaslu region can be an astonishing experience owning to its pristine natural beauty and unique terrain. As this region has been less frequented by fellow travelers, it is an emerging trail with a better future. The mountain

Jumla and Rara

Jumla and Rara Lake trek is an incredible and enchanting journey that takes you to the remote area of Karnali. The trek begins with a flight to Jumla after a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. This off the beaten track trek is

Humla Simikot and Limi Valley

Humla Simikot and Limi Valley is an exciting journey to one of the most beautiful places in the far western region of Nepal! Walk through the less traveled Tibetan villages and experience the unique culture, history and natural beauty in abundance. A

Makalu and Barun

Makalu and Barun region is formerly a restricted region that has some stunning and challenging trekking routes to offer. Lying between Kanchenjunga and Solukhumbhu, this region is protected by the Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Project. Established in 1992, it covers