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Visit Nepal 2020 – Explore Nepal
Kanchan Shrestha | June 4, 2019

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Visit Nepal 2020 – Explore Nepal, The beautiful Himalayan country – Nepal is a boon of mother nature. Enriched with a diversified form of mother nature, Nepal is something surreal that offers plenty of options when it comes to traveling and trekking in Nepal. Considering the natural and cultural glory of Nepal, visit Nepal 2020 initiative has been promoted to make Nepal renowned to the world and attracts many tourists as far as possible during the year. Nepal is a beautiful country that is known around the world for its fascinating beauty, especially the compelling beauty of the mountains. The world’s highest mountain – Mt. Everest stands tall in the soil of this country. So does the other mountains that rise above the heights of six to eight thousand. Eight out of the ten highest mountains of the world lies in Nepal. The trail to these mountains offers varieties of options for trekking in Nepal. Some trails are easy, some moderate and some strenuous; you can choose the best fit as per your taste, preference, and capacity.

Apart from the Himalayas and natural glory, Nepal is rich in terms of cultural glory and diversity as well. People from different cultural backgrounds live together in harmony. Late king Prithvi Narayan Shah, the conqueror who conquered very small states and unified it to Nepal called Nepal as a common garden of 4 castes and 36 sub-castes. Each sub-castes have their own unique culture, custom, lifestyle, festivals, dresses, languages, songs, and dances. This fact reflects the richness of Nepalese culture. Likewise, the ancient kings had a real taste for art and architecture. The beautiful works of art manifested in woods, metals and stones are a living example. No wonder the ancient palaces and temples have been able to make their name in the charts of UNESCO listed world heritage sites.

History of visit
years in Nepal!

Visit Nepal 2020 – Explore Nepal campaign is not a new concept. Several successful campaigns have been conducted in the past. After a huge success and massive admiration of Visit Nepal Year 1998 and Nepal Tourism year 2011, Nepal Tourism Board has taken this initiative to attract tourists in Nepal post-earthquake 2015. The campaign was actually proposed for 2018 but due to the massive destruction of heritages in 2015, the campaign was postponed for 2020. Recently, this campaign is being hugely promoted by authorities around the world. And, many constructions works, tourism destination promotion, and infrastructural development are ongoing for making the campaign a huge success.

purpose of Visit Nepal 2020 campaign

The sole purpose of visit the Nepal 2020 – Explore Nepal campaign is to promote Nepal amongst the tourists’ post-earthquake. The earthquake in 2015 had caused remarkable damage to the heritage sites and few trekking routes. But the damages are being cleared up and Nepal is almost ready for the visitors to relish the admirable glory of the nation. Nepal in 2020 will be the best place to visit and spend quality time.

you should be a part of visit Nepal 2020?

There are several reasons why you should be a part of visit Nepal 2020, however, following mentioned are some of the alluring features that make Nepal a must-visit place whether it be for a random holiday plan or to make the initiative – visit Nepal 2020 a huge success

Mount Everest – Top of the world

Who wouldn’t be aware of the name – Mt. Everest? When it comes to Everest, a phrase – top of the world comes into our mind. And, when the term Mt. Everest – top of the world comes into our mind, we think of the beautiful Himalayan country Nepal. Nepal has been honored as a home country of the world’s highest mountain. Mt. Everest is the charm of every travel lover and adventure seeker. There might probably be someone who wouldn’t want to be there at the top of the world and celebrate the lifetime achievement. If you are amongst those who are willing to take this pride, don’t miss the chance of being a part of Visit Nepal 2020 and making a lifetime achievement of being on the top of the world. You will be blessed with the magnificent views of mountains that includes towering mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Lobuche, Mt. AmaDablam, Mt Tawache, Mt. Thamserku and many more.

Trekking, Tours, Hiking, Peak climbing and Expedition in Nepal

Nepal is a topmost destination when it comes to trekking, tours, hiking, peak climbing or expedition. This magnificent country has been known for its never-ending vistas of sky dominating mountains. Blessed with mountains and mountainous landscapes, Nepal has been the best destination for trekking that offers a wide range of options when it comes to trekking trail. From easy, moderate to strenuous, Nepal has various trekking options for varieties of people from different age groups, physical conditions, tastes, and preferences. For some strenuous but adventurous act, one can opt for peak climbing and expedition activities that are possible in different mountains of Nepal. Similarly, the hilly places in Nepal are suitable for hiking purposes. You can enjoy the lush views of hills, forests, and pristine environment.

Nepal is rich in terms of culture, history, and religion as well. People from different cultures, custom and backgrounds reside in this country. The historical aspect of this country is even stronger. The ancient buildings, palaces, temples, and other craftworks make Nepal a beautiful country with a fascinating heritage.  The UNESCO listed heritage sites in Nepal makes Nepal an ideal place for tour activities. You can simply enjoy sightseeing or opt for different adventure sports and day tour activities. Make visit Nepal 2020 campaign a huge success by opting for any one or more trekking, tours, hiking, and peak climbing/ expedition activities in Nepal.

Birthplace of Gautam Budha: The light of Asia

Gautam Buddha, the light of Asia and the founder of Buddhism religion! Who wouldn’t be aware of this ideal person who had chased the path of peace and had motivated everyone to walk in the path of truth and peace? He was born in Lumbini of Nepal. In the later years of his life, he had run away from his palace to meditate and find the real essence of life. After enlightenment, he was known to the real cycle of life – birth, life, suffering, and death. His teachings are popular around the world. People who have chosen his path have chosen Buddhism as their ultimate religion. There are many books published around the world to promote his teachings and help us with our life and way of living. So, are you interested in visiting the birthplace of this ideal personality? If yes, then it is possible only with a visit to Nepal. So, come over to visit Nepal in 2020 and be a part of a journey to the birthplace of Lord Buddha – Lumbini. This place is one of the UNESCO listed world heritage sites in Nepal.

UNESCO World heritage sites in Nepal

The history of Nepal is very rich and glorifying. The UNESCO listed heritage sites in Nepal are the evidence of the fact. The kings who ruled Nepal in the medieval period were very fond of art, architecture, and craftworks. Due to their fondness, they had built luxurious palaces with beautiful art and architecture manifested in it. The wooden carvings, metal carvings and stones carvings seen in the ancient palaces of Nepal reflect the richness of Nepalese history. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar square are three main grand palaces of the medieval period that are excellently designed with fine works of art that are alluring in itself. UNESCO has recognized the beauty of these palaces and listed them as the UNESCO world heritage sites. Similarly, Swayambhunath stupa and Boudhanath stupa are two Buddhist spots that are brilliantly designed. Last but not least, Pashupatinath temple and Changunarayan temples. These two ancient temples reflect the ancient era and take us back to time. So, these UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal are also a reason to visit Nepal and make Visit Nepal 2020 a success.

Wildlife in Nepal

The dense lush forests in Nepal are the jewels that add to the beauty of the country – Nepal. No matter wherever you go, you are supposed to find beautiful forests. The forests may differ from tropical to alpine forests as you go from low altitudinal region to high and from the region with one climatic condition to another but you will see the lush environment wherever you go. These forests are home to many species of birds and animals. These forests provide a natural home to the wildlife and protect them from external affairs. With the diversity in terms of altitudinal regions and climatic conditions, the forests of Nepal possess that wildlife that is found in different climatic conditions around the world. You can expect to see one-horned rhino, tigers, langur monkeys, musk deer and others in the dense forests of Terai to Himalayan beer, Himalayan Thar and other Himalayan animals in the high altitudinal regions of Nepal. Nepal is an excellent place to explore wildlife from close in terms of diversity. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park can be some good destinations for wildlife observations in Nepal.

Birdwatching Tour in Nepal

Nepal is also an ideal place for bird watching. The national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal is home to thousands of species of migrating birds. KoshiTappu wildlife reserve in the eastern Terai is the best place for bird watching in Nepal. Besides, the hills around Kathmandu like Pulchowki, Nagarjuna, and the Godavari are also some vantage spots for bird watching. Last but not least, Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are some popular destinations for bird watching in Nepal. Bird watching is an incredible way of getting close to nature. Hearing the birds chirp as you abandon yourself into a peaceful environment is truly an amazing experience that you can get in the forests of Nepal.

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure sports in Nepal gives you the best reason for you to visit Nepal and make Visit Nepal 2020 – Explore Nepal campaign a huge success. Have you ever wondered how would your vacation be with a thrill of adventure activities? Don’t worry, you can enjoy a fantastic holiday in Nepal with a combo of adventure activities like white water rafting, paragliding, ultralight flight, zip flyer, bungee jumping and many more. The diverse geographical condition of Nepal makes Nepal a top destination ideal for a wide range of adventure activities. You can enjoy bungee jumping in the mind-blowing gorge of Bhotekoshi and raft with the thrilling rapids of the Trishuli river. Similarly, flying over the Phewa lake with astonishing views of mountains is a great experience that can be relished with ultralight flight, zip flyer or paragliding in Nepal.

So, are you up for Visit Nepal 2020 – Explore Nepal at any time in the coming future? If yes, then do not forget to visit Nepal in 2020 to take advantage of being a part of the campaign. Himal Eco Treks is actively waiting to serve you in the coming tourism year. We have set up our gears and are all ready to serve you with our fantastic service for a truly admirable journey ahead. All you have to do is commit to coming to Nepal for a vacation. Make a choice and you will never regret your decision. Nepal is truly an amazing place to be at to spend a joyful vacation.

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