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Trekking and Tours in 2021/2022

Are you planning trekking and tours in 2021?  We (Himal Eco Treks ) fulfill your need with our special packages for 2021.  We have some wonderful trekking packages that suit your need for trekking in the upcoming year 2021. Himal Eco Treks has various specially designed packages that you should try in 2021. Shey Phoksundo Trek 2021, Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek 2021, Kanchenjunga base camp trek 2021, Ganesh Himal Base camp trek 2021, etc., are some of the options  

Besides, Nepal is a country full of cultural glory. It was once the only Hindu Kingdom around the globe. Now, it is a secular state but it is probably the only country with Hindu people in abundance. The Hindu religion is followed by Buddhism in Nepal. Did you know? Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism! So, wherever you go, you will either get to know about Hinduism or Buddhism or a mix of both. You can even encounter various groups of local people. Nepal is often regarded as a common garden of four castes and thirty-six sub-castes. People from different castes and sub-castes reside here. And, what’s interesting is that people divided by each caste and sub-castes have their own unique culture, custom, tradition, rituals, festivals, songs, dances, languages, and lifestyle. So, trekking in Nepal 2021 is indeed a fascinating journey that introduces you to different kinds of people around the globe.

Trekking and Tours in 2021/2022 packages

Langtang Valley Trek 2021/2022

11 Days  Trekking in Nepal 2021/ 2022 days

Everest Base Camp Trek 2021/2022

16 Days  Nepal days

Tsum Valley Trek 2021/2022

22 Days  Trekking in Nepal 2021/ 2022 days

Ganesh Himal Trek 2021/2022

14 Days  Trekking in Nepal 2021/ 2022 days

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek 2021/2022

26 Days  Trekking in Nepal 2021/ 2022 days

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek 2021/2022

12 Days  Trekking in Nepal 2021/ 2022 days

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek 2021/2022

20 Days  Trekking in Nepal 2021/ 2022 days

Upper Dolpo Trekking in Nepal 2021/2022

30 Days  Trekking in Nepal 2021/ 2022 days