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Thamel – A Vehicle Free Zone

Thamel – A vehicle free zone! It can be really surprising if you had visited this place earlier before October 22, 2017.  But now, it has undergone a huge transformation. The vehicles that made the narrow streets of Thamel more crowded have been banned and the place has been declared as a vehicle free zone. Thamel is a popular touristic hub in the heart of Kathmandu city. No visitor would be unaware of this place if they had stepped inside Kathmandu valley at least once for travel purpose. It is a beautiful attraction in the heart of Kathmandu that is quite near to the UNESCO listed heritage site – Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Vehicle free Thamel

Photo courtesy: My Republica

The initiative to Thamel – a vehicle free zone was taken by the entrepreneurs and people engaged in tourism business. They were concerned regarding the crowds in the narrow streets that made quite way unsafe for the visitors. Small or big accidents could have occurred, you never know! Also, being the busiest route, the traffics on the road were hectic leading to irritation amongst people; therefore, the initiative was also supported by traffic police to make Thamel – a vehicle free zone.

Vehicle free Thamel

Photo Courtesy: onlineKhabar

The streets of Thamel have many shops stalled specially for the tourists. The pashmina shops, handicrafts, items that reflect Nepalese art, culture, gadgets for mountaineering, handmade items, garment items, etc are some of things found in the shops in Thamel. Apart from shops, Thamel also has many hotels, restaurants, night clubs that are especially opened for tourists and their service. Being the place of their residence (hotel) during their visit, the street has become a regular spot for the tourists to walk and stroll around the streets of Kathmandu.

Vehicle free Thamel

Photo Courtesy: Nagarik News

Thamel, an alternative way to go to Kathmandu Durbar Square. There is a narrow road with old houses on the both side that will lead you to the Durbar Square. The narrow streets in Thamel are very interesting and confusing. Each narrow road opens up to different places. If you take the sub narrow ways from Thamel, there is a chance that you may get lost amidst the colony of old houses.

Thamel – a vehicle free zone initiative has become an initiation with merit to all the visitors who would love to stroll around the ancient and narrow paths in the Thamel area. Shop as much as you can or enjoy your walk around in a peaceful manner. Don’t worry about the vehicles or horns that made the city crowded and bizarre!

Himal Eco Treks being an eco friendly tour operator, we encourage the initiative for its effective implementation. Thamel being a vehicle free zone has reduced the pollution whether it is air or noise pollution in those places. Himal Eco Treks further welcomes you to enjoy your travel in Nepal! Do not miss a chance to enjoy the initiative; Thamel – a vehicle free zone to explore the streets of Kathmandu in a peaceful manner!