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Tibet is one of the best travel destinations in the world owing to its natural and cultural richness. Lying on the roof of the world, it possesses the world’s largest and highest plateau which is bounded by two mighty ranges, world highest peak Mt. Everest ranging from south to west, and Thanggula in the north. Besides, the plateau, Lhasa city is another major attraction of Tibet. As any traveler walks inside the main street of Lhasa, the first thing that comes into sight is the grand Potala palace placed on the top of Red Hill. Lhasa is a beautiful city that preserves its unique culture and tradition intact which is reflected in its ancient monasteries, temples, and palaces. Sera monastery, Jhokang temple, and Drepung monastery are the examples. The beautiful mountain scenery of Tibet will follow you wherever you go! Therefore, if you are thinking of traveling to Tibet, you can imagine yourself in a medieval country where you can taste the natural splendor of the Himalayas and the rich Tibetan culture.