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Sightseeing Tours

Taste the unique culture, history, and traditions of Nepal authentically! Himal Eco treks offer a wide range of guided sightseeing tours to cater to your need. Nepal is culturally a rich country. And, it can be seen everywhere; in the temples, monuments, old palaces, stupas, and Gumbas of Nepal. The antediluvian heritages in Nepal are those precious jewels that reflect its fine art and authentic culture. Everything is so phenomenal and mind-blowing. Some glories of Nepal have even caught the sight of UNESCO and are listed in the world heritage sites. So, take around the places of historical and religious importance with Himal Eco Treks. We provide you with enough information about these places. After all, its significance is the thing that makes it so special. Our assistance, information, and interpretation will make your sightseeing tour worth it!