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Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the best adventure things to do in Nepal. The most adventure peak climbing in Nepal is waiting for adventure lover people of the world. Mera peak climbing, and island peak climbing are an example of the best peak climbing trail in Nepal. Enriched with numerous mountain peaks, Nepal is the best place to opt for peak climbing! If you are an expedition lover, then Nepal offers a wide range of variety ranging from easy, moderate to strenuous peak climbing which may require no previous experience, basic experience, or professional experience. Physical fitness for peak climbing is a necessity as it adds to your endurance capacity. Besides, the basic knowledge of using ax, ropes, and crampons will be given to you by our professional instructors before your journey. They will let you know more about other safety measures and do’s and don’ts during your expedition. Himal Eco Treks is a complete service provider that offers attractive expedition packages to different peaks in different regions of Nepal. You can choose any of them as per your adherence and preference!