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Langtang and Helambu Region

Lantang and Helambu region Trek can be an ideal trekking destination to any travel and nature lover as it is spectacular, accessible, adventurous and possess every form of natural beauty. Lying close to Kathmandu valley, it is accessible by bus and in a short time. Langtang valley, Gosaikunda Lake, and Helambu valley are three major attraction of this region. The popular Langtang valley lies within Langtang National Park which is well-known for its unique flora and faunas. The red panda, Thar, monkeys, deer, and migrating birds are amongst the most encountered animals and birds. The panoramic views of Langtang range from the valley are magnificent. So, are the ancient monasteries built here! Likewise, the cheese factory in Langtang is renowned for the yak cheese it produces.Langtang region is embedded with many small azure high altitude lakes amongst which Gosaikunda Lake is the popular one. It has high value amongst Hindu pilgrims who come here every year to take a holy dip. The Helambu valley is a beautiful valley with vibrant Tamang villages. It is culturally very rich and people residing here reflect their own unique culture, traditions, lifestyle, and dialects.