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Jumla and Rara region

Jumla and Rara Lake trek is an incredible and enchanting journey that takes you to the remote area of Karnali. The trek begins with a flight to Jumla after a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. This off-the-beaten-track trek is blessed with unique beauty and scenery. It takes you along the mountain paths passing a series of quaint villages to the banks of Rara Lake which is surrounded by Rara National Park. The park is ringed by the Trans Himalayan valley with high ridges covered with pine, spruce, juniper forest, and alpine pastures. Rara National Park has its own floral and faunal importance and is home to many rare and vulnerable species. Rara National Park is the best place to see wildlife like musk deer, leopards, ghoral, Himalayan Black Deer, and rare red pandas. It is a delight for the bird watchers too. Local people of this region are engaged in agriculture for a living. They also rear goats and extract medicinal herbs to sell them. The region is dominated by the Thakur community. Thakur Baba’s Temple in the southeast corner of the lake is very popular. It is believed that Local people believed that God Thakur shot an arrow to open the passage of the lake to reduce the damage caused by the flood. Therefore, a journey to Jumla and Rara Lake can be a dream for every enthusiastic traveler and wildlife lover. It is an opportunity to experience the real aroma of natural elegance.

Rara Lake Trek
Rara Lake Trek
16 days