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Inspiring Spirit Journeys

Refrain yourself from your hectic schedule and make time for an inspiring spiritual journey. These days - we people are engaged to various day-to-day stuffs that are adding more stress and anxiety to our brain. Therefore, a peaceful vacation for peaceful state of mind and self-realization has become an essence of living. These journeys help you find yourself and realize your purpose of being. These journeys instantly help you find out the purpose of your living. So, preserve some moments of your life and set out for an inspiring journey to find out the real meaning of living.

In the ancient time, the sages set their journey to the mountains and meditated because mountains were the only places that would bring peace to the mind. The wilderness of the mountains, the spiritual vibes of the mountainous area and the way of living in that landscape will help you explore the meaning of living. So, are you ready? Because Himal Eco Treks is an expert when it comes to organizing inspiring spirit journeys. We take you to different wild places in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan to let you explore the spirituality that lies in the mountains and the culture in a different part of the world.

An inspiring journey to Holy Mt. Kailash, Central Tibet Tour and nature trekking, Lhasa tour with Kailash trek, Central Tibet Tour, Old kingdom of Mustang Trek, etc. are some of the inspiring spirit journeys offered by Himal Eco Treks. However, we offer many other customized spirit journeys as per your need and preferences. We conduct many group journeys, especially to Holy Mt. Kailash, Tibet and Lhasa.

So, if you are interested in Buddhism, mountains and cultural aspects of mountainous Nepal and Tibet, let us know! Himal Eco Treks is at your service 24/7. For detailed information, on different packages under inspiring spirit journey, do not forget to look at the individual trekking packages in our website.