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Dolpo Region

Lower and upper Dolpo is magnificent yet less explored regions of Nepal. Its isolation has helped it preserve its natural beauty, culture, and customs intact in its own original attire. Dolpo region is often considered as natural paradise owing to its brilliant landscapes that resemble the plateaus of Tibet. They are wild yet serene. This region has been filmed in Caravan and has been described in the books of various authors which helps us picture the beauty that this region beholds. Shey Gompa and Phoksundo lake are the major attraction of this region. Further, it is one of the few areas where the ancient pre-Buddhist Bon Po religion is prevalent and practiced. The region traverses through the ancient trade route to Tibet which is quite dramatic. Further, this region is popular for unique traditions, culture, and lifestyle. You will feel like you have traveled back to time. Himal Eco Trek offers well-designed routes to Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo regions of Nepal.