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Himal Eco Treks has been making your dream vacations come true for the past two decades!

Willing to be close to the mountains? Trekking in Nepal is probably one of the best ways to be near to the top of the high mountains! We at Himal Eco Treks carve your travel dreams into a real picture.And, we have been doing that since the past two decades. By now, we are an experienced, trustworthy and reliable tour operator in Nepal who has been winning the hearts of many since 1996. Our core team is our valuable asset who haveworked persistently to make the best out of everything. No wonder the benchmark of our services rises higher than the normal market standards. Our happy customers, their love and loyalty are the treasures that we have earned to date.

Himal Eco Treks is Nepal’s authentic service provider thatoffers a wide range of travel related services. From trekking, expeditions, mountaineering, hiking, natural/cultural tours to adventure activities like peak climbing, rock climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding, zip flyer, jungle safari, ultralight flight, etc., there is no end to the services we provide. Geographically, our services are not just limited to Nepal butextend to the neighboring countries like Tibet, India and Bhutan as well.

We are not just a service provider but a passionate traveler who loves to wander, explore and discover around the world. Nepal is geographically diverse and blessed. The grandeur of high mountains, shimmering waterfalls, rivers, lush hills, valleys and forests are the natural bliss that makes Nepal so heavenly. Himal Eco Treks discovers new routes and designs innovative travel packages that meetyour travel requirements. Our itineraries are unique, well-paced and carefully designed considering your safety and security.

Whether it be accommodation, food, transport, guide/ porter or other services, we seek for the best. Our services come with the best cost and quality. In Nepali, there is a saying – Atithi Devo Bhava which means guests are our gods. We run practicing this sentiment of our ancestors. Guests are like God to us and it’s our duty to make our god happy and satisfied.

Furthermore, we are a responsible tour operator who promotes tourism in an eco-friendly manner. Nature should be well preserved to create a balance in the ecosystem. Recently, we humans have been creating a misbalance in nature which has a long term impact on our health and existence as well. So, let’s join our hands and make every tiny effort to preserve nature. Use biodegradable products and dispose the garbage properly. Show your love towards nature and the nature shall bless you with its miraculous aura.

So, are you ready to diverse into the immense beauty of Nepal? Life is short but the world is wide, so better start it today! In a short span of time, we have to explore and discover different corners of the world. What’s life if you have not allowed yourself to travel, eat and pray?Let Himal Eco Treks have that honor to escort you to your dream destinations. We are here with our24 hours’ assistance fortravel related services in NepalTibet and Bhutan!

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