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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Himal Eco Trek collects the necessary information from their customers which is solely for business purpose i.e. organizing the trip. We do not use your information for any other purpose besides it. The information collected by us is highly confidential and there is no any unauthorized access to it. Therefore, we would like to assure you about the safety of information that you provide us.

Information that we require

To know our customer, we require the documents that authenticate or authorize your identification which includes:

  • Your personal information like name, address, contact number, postal code and email address
  • We also require a copy of your passport just to ensure that the information provided by you are authentic and reliable.

In case of any query or correspondence from our side, we may use your mailing address to contact you. If any condition arises where you feel that the information provided by you has changed or has been mistakenly provided, you may contact us immediately so that we can update your info.

Security of the information collected

The information provided by you are basically stored in our company’s server. There is no any unauthorized access to it. Only the authorized person of Himal Eco Treks can go through it for some valid reasons.

We collect some unspecified information

 We always take an initiative to promote our business. To promote our company’s site, we use google analytics which provides us some information on web traffic. It may access some of your information to provide us some details like number of views, pages viewed, location, date and time of website view, etc.

We use cookies

 Our site uses cookies. It helps us to know if you have previously visited our site or not.

 The links on our website

Our privacy policy governs our official site only. In case, you navigate away to other pages from our site through some links or others, we are not liable for such scenario as it is not governed by us or our policy.

Renewal of policy

Our privacy policy may be changes from time to time as per the circumstances. Himal Eco Treks reserves the right to change its privacy policy whenever it wants or feels necessary.