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Mardi Himal Trek – Travel Blog
Kanchan Shrestha | May 14, 2020

mardi himal trek

Mardi Himal Trek is one of the picturesque treks to the Annapurna region of Nepal. It is a newly opened trail that has won the hearts of many fellow travelers. The less crowded path and the well preserved natural beauty in its virgin form enhance the appeal of this trek. While the Annapurna region is the first choice of travelers when it comes to trekking, many people find the trekking trail to this region too crowded. Therefore, Mardi Himal Trek can be the best alternative for those seeking a quaint trail in the Annapurna region. The trek is nothing less than any other trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Many people take it as an alternative of Ghorepani Poonhill Trek and many consider it as more rewarding in terms of natural beauty and mountain views.

Introduction to Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal is a hidden gem in the Annapurna region that has been discovered recently. With only a few travelers lately, Mardi Himal has earned massive positive reviews and recommendations. Mardi Himal at an elevation of 5587 meters lies beneath the Macchapucchre Himal in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Lying in the laps of Macchapucchre Himal, Mardi Himal High Camp offers some stunning views of Mardi Himal and Mt. Macchapucchre along with other mountains peaks like Annapurna South and Mt. Hiunchuli. It is truly a divine experience to witness the Macchapucchre Himal soar above the green forested ridges. The sunrise and sunset views that transform the white glittering snow of Macchapucchre Himal into a golden glittering red color is even more mesmerizing.

Some facts about
Mardi Himal

  • Mardi Himal is a 5,587 peak beneath the Macchapucchre Himal in the Annapurna region of Nepal.
  • It was first summited by Basil Goodfellow in 1951.
  • Mardi Himal Trek is a recently discovered trail that was opened for trekking in 2012
  • The peak is classified as a trekking peak by the Government of Nepal.
  • There are very few and basic lodges on the way to Mardi Himal
  • TIMS card and Annapurna Sanctuary permit are required for Mardi Himal Trek.
  • The highest point of the trek is Mardi Himal Base Camp at 4500 meters.
  • It can be accomplished solo, with a guide/ porter or you can join a group.

The scenic trail to
Mardi Himal Base Camp

Like all other treks to the Annapurna region of Nepal, Mardi Himal Trek starts with a drive to Pokhara city. You can also opt for a flight to Pokhara city. Pokhara is a popular tourist destination in Nepal. Lying in the foothills of Himalayas, Pokhara is a beguiling city with beautiful lakes embedded in it. From Pokhara, a short drive takes us to Phedi which is the actual commencement point of the trek. The trail moves ahead from Phedi and passes various traditional villages, farmlands, crop fields, forests, and rolling hills on the way to Deurali. From Deurali, we diverse from the main trail to Annapurna and head towards Forest Camp. The trail we take from Deurali is quite isolated and secluded type. The path is less traveled hence it is able to maintain its original beauty intact. From Forest, we ascend up to Mardi Himal Base Camp and then to Mardi Himal High Camp. As we ascend up from the forest camp, we will be walking along the ridge of the mountain. The higher we go; we can notice the change in atmosphere. The trees start to disappear slowly and the trees are replaced by small bushes. Finally, we open up to Mardi Himal High Camp from where we can admire the classic views of mountains in the Annapurna region. The area is full of rhododendron bushes and if lucky we may encounter Daphe (Pheasant, the national bird of Nepal) here. After accomplishing our journey to the top, we descend down to Lumre via Siding village and drive back to Kathmandu via Pokhara city.

Some highlighting
features of Mardi Himal Trek

  • Short and easy trek in Annapurna region of Nepal
  • Applaud the raw appeal and grandeur of mountains in the Annapurna region especially Mt. Macchapucchre.
  • Diverse terrain that ranges from lush hills, forests to small trees, bushes, and rugged mountain terrain.
  • Stunning views of mountains such as Mt. Annapurna South, Mt. Hiunchuli, Mardi Himal, and Mt. Macchapucchre.
  • Traditional villages, local people, their culture and lifestyle

Why is Mardi Himal
Trek better than other treks in the Annapurna region?

Mardi Himal Trek is better than other treks in the Annapurna region and there are many reasons behind the fact. First and foremost, the Annapurna region of Nepal is one of the most cherished trekking regions in Nepal. With so many easy and short treks, the Annapurna region is the first choice of many amateurs and first-time trekkers. Therefore, the regular treks in this region are crowded with travelers during the peak trekking seasons. For some people, the crowd will not be a problem unless they can dissolve into the astonishing views of mountains and lush terrain. However, for most people, the crowd can ruin their expectations from a trek. It can be a bit irritating to see people around while you are trying to focus on mountains and lush landscapes. Hence, Mardi Himal Trek is a solution to all the problems. With this trek, you can avoid the chaos and opt for a beautiful and peaceful journey along a quaint and virgin section of the Annapurna region.

Mardi Himal Trek with
Himal Eco Treks

Himal Eco Treks has many guaranteed travel dates to Mardi Himal. Please contact us if you want to opt for Mardi Himal Trek with us. We even organize private trips as per your convenience.  We have been escorting people to Mardi Himal since the opening of the travel route. Our team – guides and porters are experienced and professional who shall help to make your trip easy, convenient, and memorable.

The best time to opt
for Mardi Himal Trek

Like other treks to Annapurna region, Spring season i.e. March to May and Winter season i.e. September to November is considered as the best time to opt for this trek. Get ready to experience the vividness of rhododendron flower blossom if you are trekking to this region in Spring. In autumn and spring, the weather is clear and dry with excellent visibility of mountains. In winter, the path is covered with snow and in monsoon, the path is wet, slippery, and clumsy.

So, are you excited for Mardi Himal Trek? It’s a moderate grade trek that involves no technical climbing techniques. But, you should be able to walk along the off beaten trail and ascend up through a rugged path. If you are looking forward to this journey, then do not forget to contact us or write to us at info@himalecotreks.com and bharat@himalecotreks.com ( Our Tour Export )

Our news update on Covid-19: How the effect of COVID-19 ( Corona Virus) on Tourism in Nepal

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