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How the effect of COVID-19 ( Corona Virus) on Tourism in Nepal
Kanchan Shrestha | March 26, 2020

covid 19 in nepal

How the effect of COVID-19 ( Corona Virus) on Tourism in Nepal, COVID-19 has become a pandemic issue of today’s world. It has been the cause of the death of thousands of people in the world and is a threat to the lives of many other thousands of people. It has affected the lifestyle of the people. It has affected the economy of the whole world. Like other sectors, the tourism industry is badly affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The tourism industry has been completely closed until April 30. It will be started after the Nepal government publishes the next notice. From 20th March 2020 midnight, the Nepal government has temporarily banned all passengers from entering Nepal from 66 different countries including UK, Italy, France, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, etc. The ban will remain until March 15. As per the Nepal government’s notice, our company, Himal Eco Treks is also closed until further notice. We will inform you after the next notice is published.

Nepal government has decided to go on a complete lockdown from 24th March 2020 for a whole week. So all the private, as well as public vehicles, are to be halted until further notice and people are requested to stay at their homes for their own safety. Nothing is greater than our health. So don’t neglect it. Better to be poor and healthy rather than rich and sick. So stay home, stay safe. We are also under self-quarantine. We, Himal Eco Treks wish for your safety.



Precaution is better than cure. In order to prevent
infection from Corona Virus following measures should be followed:

  1. Self-Quarantine: Self-quarantine in your own house is the most effective way to counter the outbreak of this virus. Isolating oneself in the closed and well-ventilated room until the pandemic settles down can be the most reliable way to keep oneself safe and healthy.
  • Frequently disinfecting hands: From time to time washing hands with soap and applying sanitizer can make hands free from infectious viruses. So, frequent hands should be made clean to prevent Corona.
  • Coughing and sneezing by covering your mouth by elbow instead of palm: Corona Virus spreads through sweat and saliva of the infected person. So, coughing and sneezing should be done by covering one’s mouth by elbow or handkerchief.
  • Avoid close contacts: Socializing in crowds and close contacts should be avoided as the virus can spread through others rapidly.
  • Symptoms of cold and fever should be consulted with professionals: In case of similar symptoms with Corona infection, we should go to hospitals and nearby health posts for a checkup. As symptoms are normal common cold and fever, these symptoms should not be neglected.
  • Avoid touching face frequently: Infected hands can transfer the virus from surrounding to the inside of our body through nose and mouth. So, touching face should be avoided until we disinfect our hands with soap and sanitizers.

(Precautions is better than Cure. Preventing oneself from infection is a way to save the whole world. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So protect yourself before you regret.)

Our previous update on Covid-19: CORONA VIRUS PRESENT SITUATION IN NEPAL

By: Himal Eco TreksYour guiding star to Nature and Himalayan Eco GuidesYour Trekking and Tour Guides in Nepal

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