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What is best Season For Trekking?

To be specific – spring season i.e. March to May and autumn season i.e. September to November is the best time to visit Nepal. These periods are also referred to as the peak seasons for trekking in Nepal. You can visit Nepal at any time during these intervals. The best aspect of trekking in spring is that the weather is moderate, dry and you can see rhododendron blossom throughout the forests on your trekking route. At this time, even your chance of encountering wildlife’s in the jungle increases. Similarly, in autumn, the weather is dry and clear. Autumn season offers clear visibility and one can get best views of mountains and surroundings even from a distant location. There are no clouds and the sky is clear blue.

Winter season i.e. December to February is very cold. The mountainous area of Nepal is covered with snow therefore walking through the route in winter gets troublesome. There are chances of avalanches too. Coldness is the major problem as it’s very cold up there in the mountains. Similarly, rainy season is very unpleasant. The wet paths, slippery roads, leeches, flight delays and gloomy days! Hence, no one would want out go out during Rainy season.

Hence, if you are opting for treks in Nepal, March to May and September to November is the best season. However, if you are visiting Nepal for short tours, cultural tour or jungle safari then the best time to visit Nepal is throughout the year.