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Why TIMS card is necessary?

If you are wondering why TIMS is necessary then we will answer your concern. Many people who are travelling to Nepal seems confused why it is necessary.

Actually all the information about the people travelling to Nepal should be put on a computerized database Management System. This TIMS card system is actually for the benefit of the traveler. The computerized information is useful for the safety and security of the trekkers. In case anyone is missing then with this information search and rescue operations can operate easily. As we have no hold on the weather so unthinkable can happen. No one knows what will happen. Natural disaster, natural calamities can happen in no time and we can’t stop those too. So, in order to find the victims during that kind of situation this information will be helpful.

Furthermore, through this system government of Nepal can keep the data of the number of traveler visiting Nepal. Also, this system helps to maintain a record that includes personal details of trekkers, trekking area, trekking routes, handling agencies, duration, etc. The data generated from the system will be useful to all stakeholders:- tourism organizations, Government agencies, diplomatic missions, tour operators, research institute, etc.

Likewise, this system helps to recognize the unauthorized trekking operations. Thus, it helps to control such type of operations. Therefore, it is a step towards better management of trekking service. Similarly, it prevents untoward incidents from happening. All in all, it helps to upgrade the service standard and contribute for better management of sustainable tourism in Nepal.