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BhutanUnleash the beauty that lies in the magnificent Himalayas

Unleash the beauty that lies in the magnificent Himalayas as you embark your journey to the mystic land of Bhutan. This small country has been quoted as the land of happiness by many fellow travelers and the reason is the vibrancy that its unique culture beholds and the pleasant nature possesses. The combo of alluring mountains, lush valleys, hills, forests, and rivers have made Bhutan a natural paradise. The natural glory it possesses is unbeatable in terms of fascination and originality that it has still been able to keep intact.

The people residing in this country follow the unique culture i.e. Vajrayana Buddhism which is very different than the Buddhism prevalent in other parts of the world. Everything about their culture is colorful and vivid. Also, the jovial people of Bhutan would be an amazing experience to deal with. They will make you feel homely and lively.

Nothing can be compared to the art of Bhutan! The artistic dzongs, monasteries, and temples hold profound beauty which is a sole reason why Bhutan is able to maintain its identity amidst the big and powerful countries like India and China. Also, known as the Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan has remained in isolation from rest of the world since long but it has been recently connected to the modernization after 1970 when the policy for strict and controlled tourism and development was formulated. Hence, we can find the tranquil and traditional way of living in people which is intact till date. Despite a lot of travelers visiting this nation annually. Bhutan has been able to keep itself away from any kind of adulteration or modernization in its natural and cultural treasures.

The major population of Bhutan is engaged in farming and trading. Owing to its diverse terrain that ranges from lush valleys to Himalayan terrain, Bhutan is home to some of the rare species of floras and faunas. Therefore, if you are a nature lover, Bhutan tour can be a way to encounter some rare species of flora and faunas along your way!

So, get set for a journey to Bhutan to experience an awesome mix of Himalayas, nature and culture fantasies!

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Laya Gasa Trek with Cultural Tour

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