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22 April 2018
Kanchan Shrestha
top 10 reasons to visit Nepal - himal eco treks

10 Reasons to visit Nepal

10 Reasons to visit Nepal, Nepal is one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world. The mighty mountains that this country possesses are the treasures that people would love to hunt for. The impressive landscapes – hills, valleys, forests, rivers, waterfalls, etc are other forms of nature that
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8 April 2018
Kanchan Shrestha
Top 5 peak climbing destination in Nepal

Top 5 Peak Climbing Destinations in Nepal

Peak climbing is a sensational adventure activity not to be missed if you are a real thrill seeker travelling to Nepal. Nepal has a huge potential when it comes to peak climbing. Lying in the lap of Himalayas, Nepal holds the glory of having numerous peaks that rises above the
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